Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pillon Pad

So you give your girlfriend some lexan, foam, suction cups, and some glue and tell her to make herself a seat. You don't give any direction on covering it. This is what you get.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swampy Pete Fender Redo

So due to pressure from the girfriend, the shop vehicle need to be reconfigured to carry a passenger. So I ordered a new fender and came up with a plan....but....the fender didn't get made in the time it was supposed to. Soooo plan B went into effect. I had a bagger fender for a 21" wheel that I received in a pile of parts that came with the original frame for the bike. It was flourescent yellow, flamed and signed by a man calling himself "Swampy Pete". So as dumb and as time consuming as it was, I decided to make this fender work. Machined up some pegs and modified the swingarm to accept them too. See the following pictures for the results. Got the bike back together just in time to take the girlfriend for a ride to a local cruise night, so she is now happy. Paint and bodywork fun to come next week. Deepest apologies to Swampy Pete...wherever he may be.