Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ironhead - Complete for Now

So I finished up the mini makeover on the ironhead. The list of mods were as follows:
-New fender made from existing superglide version, re-mounted, bodyworked and painted in house
-New seat from scratch - all leatherwork done in house
-New bars, stay tuned for production versions...
-Remounted speedo
-Lowered front end 2" with cut coils and custom spacers
-Made new tag and tailight mount
-Smoothed and Repaired the top triple tree of cracks and mounts
-Made new lower headlight mount
-Powdercoated bits and pieces
Shortened the exhaust and made a new rear mount from existing
This was a low cost makeover done on a budget. I think we focused on and got rid of the major asthetic issues, and have a cool little bike that no longer is embarrassing to ride. Theres still some issues to fix, next steps are to fix existing creative wiring scenario, and repaint the tank, replace stock hand controls... Lots of plans for the future on this one...

Fender Transformation

Finishing touches on the ironhead fender...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013