Friday, April 26, 2013

The One Motorcycle Show - Austin

Weekly Update CX500

I Switched from the rear end to work on the exhaust, just had an idea I wanted to try. I used some original exhaust pieces and some other aluminized mandrel bent tubing left over from an old project. Think it worked out ok. I will be adding more details to the pipes in the future, but for now they are good enough.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Update CX500

Finished up the fab work on the front end and moved in to the back. Wish I had the time to make everything light as possible or machine everything out of aluminum, but not for this bike. Just trying to get this thing rideable and respectable.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fabricated Clip Ons

Always wanted to try making clip ons,and it worked out great. A little tricky to make, but worth the effort. Shaved the top triple tree. Fork caps seem to be magnesium, have two npt ports, and have Los angles stamped in them? Hmmm? Reused my harley headlight, added Kawasaki controls.

Front End Progress

Made a headlight mount/soon to be gauge mount. Before was pretty interesting.

Mystery CX500

So I needed a bike for my girlfriend to learn to ride on. I was thinking a little 350-500. I found a CX500, its goofy looking, a Honda, and a twin. So I figured I couldn't go wrong, but it's actually pretty high, heavy, long and just awkward. So the girlfriend hates everything about it, and she got a free sportster to learn on, so now it's mine. It had some "creative modifications" done to it. And I wasnt sure if it even ran. I'm trying to undo the ugly, spend as little money as possible, and get it done quick. Trying to control myself on this. I got it running, leaking gas and oil everywhere, but running. Follow along.